The mission of the Bettendorf Community

School District in partnership with the family

and community, is to develop well-rounded

students who have the ability to reason and act in

an ethical manner so they can make a difference in an

information era.

Pupil Progress Report

Student: Emma Mallinen

Grade: 3

Teacher: Miss Boche

Year: 1998-99

School: Paul Norton Elementary

Principal: Dr. Dean Halverson


Emma is a bright learner and very enjoyable to have in class. She has consistently scored above average scores in daily math practice, as well as in spelling/phonics tests. She has gone above and beyond what I have asked her to do in science. For example, she has gone to the library on her own time to check out and research facts about the class turtle or the class tadpoles. She has taken it upon herself to leam more about the subject of science.

Emma is overall an above average student, despite the fact that she's just learning English. The classroom teacher, combined with the help from the ESL teacher, wiIl be working on developing Emma's English vocabulary.